What is ESG Hound?

I’m still working out exactly “what” this publication is going to be. I’d like mostly to talk about Environmental, Society and Governance (ESG) investing. Mainly how the current system works (or doesn’t far too often). I’ll cover topics from capital allocation, greenwashing, regulatory updates and general environmental topics I find interesting.

Who the heck are you?

Hi, I’m Eric. I’m a bit of an Environmental policy wonk, a cynical SOB and am highly curious about how societal, regulatory and economic systems interact in the fields of sustainability, resource consumption and capital deployment. I’m a biochemist initially by training who ended up getting into environmental engineering, which I have a Master’s of Science in.

I’ve done laboratory bench work, been an environmental regulator/public servant and have worked in industry and consulting for over a decade. My primary expertise is in the Clean Air Act, notably in implementation and compliance with Oil and Gas and Chemical industry Federal and State Standards. I do some Process Safety Management (PSM) work as well. I’ve also done operational and ethics audits in industry. I’ve done project management for projects large and small, typically those with a large environmental compliance risk.

ESG Hound Financial Disclosure

  1. I have never, and will never, take money from a company to criticize an industry competitor

  2. I hold a bulk of my personal and retirement funds in boring mutual funds and index ETFs.

  3. I have no individual position, long or short, in any aerospace company, any chemical company, or any oil company.

  4. I had no equity position, long or short, in any specific company I’ve written about to date at the time of publication. Should this ever change in the future, I will disclose it prominently.

  5. I will never take money to promote something (a product, a company) without disclosing that I am receiving compensation.

  6. My income is partially dependent on returns from other investors. I do not make investing decisions. I provide research. Any conflicts will be disclosed.

Sharing is Caring

If you see something you like, please share it with your friends, enemies, co-workers, spouses. Expanded reach inspires me to write more.

Contact info

I can be reached at esg.hound@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter

Cheers, Eric

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